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Albert presenteert zijn alkoofcamper

Discover the perfect motorhome for your adventures! Our vehicle combines comfort, practicality, and charm to provide you with the ultimate travel experience.


1. Overall Condition: Our motorhome is in excellent condition. It has been meticulously maintained to ensure optimal performance and a worry-free experience.

2. Options and Equipment: With a wide range of options and equipment, it features a fully equipped kitchen, including a large refrigerator, three burners, sink, and all the necessary utensils for cooking and cleaning. Additionally, you have a shower and chemical toilet for worry-free travel. It also has air conditioning (230v), stationary heating, a solar panel, and two batteries to ensure maximum comfort.

3. Brightness: Our motorhome is notably bright, thanks to its large windows and skylights. Enjoy panoramic views while resting inside.

4. Tableware and Bedding: For your convenience, we have included all the necessary tableware for five people, including plates, cutlery, bowls, and glasses. We have also provided bedding for the five beds, ensuring you can rest comfortably during your journey.

5. Hygiene and Cleanliness: Your safety is our priority. That's why we always deliver the motorhome disinfected and clean, both inside and outside. We want you to feel peaceful and comfortable throughout your trip.

6. Mobility and Freedom: Our motorhome is designed with your mobility and freedom in mind during the journey. For outdoor enthusiasts, we have included a bike rack with a capacity for four bicycles. We also provide a cover to protect the bicycles during transport. We have included the necessary signalling, chain, and lock to ensure the safety of your bikes. Enjoy the flexibility of exploring new destinations by bike and make the most of your getaway.

7. Spacious Storage Garage: Our motorhome features a generous storage garage that provides additional space to carry everything you need to enjoy your hobbies and favourite activities. Whether you want to bring sports equipment, camping gear, tools, or any other bulky items, our garage offers sufficient capacity to keep your belongings secure and organized during your trip. Don't worry about running out of space—prepare to bring everything you need to make the most of your adventures!

8. Anti-vandalism Locks: Your safety and peace of mind are our priority. That's why all entrances of our motorhome are equipped with anti-vandalism locks. Whether you're sleeping inside or leaving the vehicle parked while engaging in other activities, you can have confidence that your belongings will be protected. These locks provide an additional level of security, giving you the peace of mind you need to fully enjoy your worry-free travels.

9. Cameras: Our motorhome is equipped with two cameras that ensure maximum safety throughout the journey. One camera is specifically designed as a parking camera, making maneuvering and parking precise and safe. The other camera functions as a rearview mirror, providing you with a clear and expanded view of the rear of the vehicle. These cameras are an invaluable tool for improving visibility and reducing blind spots, ensuring you can travel with confidence and peace of mind at all times.

10. Additional Equipment: Our motorhome is equipped with a range of additional amenities and accessories to enhance your travel experience:

- Air Conditioning: Maintain the perfect temperature inside the motorhome with our air conditioning system, providing a cool and pleasant environment even on the hottest days.

- Mosquito Screens on all Doors and Windows: Enjoy the fresh breeze without worrying about pesky insects. All doors and windows of our motorhome are equipped with mosquito screens, allowing you to keep the spaces free from unwanted intruders.

- 230v Power Cable (16A): In case you need to connect the motorhome to an external power source, we provide a 16A cable to

facilitate the connection and ensure you can use appliances and charge devices without any issues.

- Water Refill Hose and Accessories for On-the-Road Refills: For your convenience, we include a hose and necessary accessories for refilling water during your travels. This allows you to replenish the motorhome's water tank and ensure you always have access to clean water.

- Two Outdoor Chairs and a Table: Enjoy the outdoors and create a cozy space outside the motorhome with our outdoor chairs and table. Whether you want to relax under the sun, have a picnic, or simply unwind in nature, this additional equipment provides the necessary comfort to make the most of your outdoor moments.

- Solar Panel: For increased energy autonomy, our motorhome features a solar panel that allows you to efficiently recharge the battery using solar power. This means you'll have a sufficient power source to fuel your devices during the trip.

- Two Additional Batteries: To ensure you never run out of light, we have incorporated two additional batteries into our motorhome. These batteries offer additional energy storage capacity, providing you with greater autonomy and guaranteeing you'll have sufficient electrical power during your journey.

- Stationary Heating: Even on the coldest days, our motorhome will keep you warm and comfortable. Thanks to the integrated stationary heating, you can regulate the interior temperature and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere regardless of the external weather conditions.

Embark on an exciting getaway with our motorhome! We guarantee an unforgettable experience filled with comfort, practicality, and charm. Come and discover the world at your own pace!

//////// GENERAL CONDITIONS //////////

  • The deposit is €950 and must be paid by bank transfer or Bizum at least two days before the rental. It will be refunded once it has been verified that there are no damages, either on the same day or at the latest the day after the vehicle is returned. - Delivery and pick-up: Lliçà d'Amunt offers the possibility of delivery and pick-up in Barcelona city and surrounding areas (€80). For other locations, please consult the price. This amount will be deducted from the deposit refund.

  • The vehicle is delivered with a full tank of diesel and must be returned full. Otherwise, a charge of €2.60 per liter of diesel will apply, deducting the necessary amount from the deposit refund. - Animals are not allowed. Smoking inside the vehicle is prohibited.



Slaapplaats 1
Ombouwbed80x170 cm
Slaapplaats 2
Ombouwbed120x180 cm
Slaapplaats 3
Stapelbed80x210 cm
Slaapplaats 4
Stapelbed80x210 cm
Slaapplaats 5
Stapelbed150x200 cm


  • Binnendouche
  • WC
  • Fietsendrager
  • Koelkast
  • Bestek en borden
  • Huishoudelijke producten
  • Stuurbekrachtiging
  • Cruise control
  • Achteruitrijcamera


  • InschrijvingsbewijsGeverifieerd

Technische kenmerken

  • ModelMobilvetta Ducato 2,3 l 130 ch
  • Datum eerste inschrijving2008
  • M.T.M.3.500 kg
  • Hoogte3,08 m


Voorwaarden van de eigenaar

  • Reis naar buitenlandToegestaan
  • RijbewijsRijbewijs B
  • HuisdierenNiet toegestaan
  • Roken toegestaanNiet toegestaan
  • Overschrijding van de kilometerstand€ 0,45 per extra km


  • Betaalwijze(n) waarborgRechtstreeks beheerd door de eigenaar, overschrijving, andere, cash
  • Bedrag€ 950


De terugbetaling hangt af van de annuleringsdatum van de reservering.


Lliça d'Amunt (08186), Spanje

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